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CHURCHgalleries grants you and your church with an individual membership to use its images, only as long as your membership is current.  Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights shall remain with CHURCHgalleries.  After your membership has been terminated, you may not use any images you have downloaded from CHURCHgalleries, including those that were free.   No reselling or sharing of images outside of your individual church is allowed. .  No material/copies can be made/distributed to anyone/anyplace outside of the individual current member's church.  After the membership is terminated, they cannot be used.


Users of CHURCHgalleries are to accept CHURCHgalleries "As Is"  and is not liable for any user's intentions. CHURCHgalleries will not be liable for any claim or action regarding the use or its images. . 

CHURCHgalleries makes every effort to provide accurate information and to comply with all copyright laws.  Yet, for all good intentions, the website may include typos and/or inaccuracies.  Those errors will be corrected as soon as possible upon notification, but will not be held liable. To the best of its ability, CHURCHgalleries does not include any copyrighted image. It will not be held responsible for any infringements on copyrighted material but will immediately remove any copyrighted material as soon as notification is received .  Images are offered for use by some of its members and most often sources are not available.    

Changes to the site will be frequently made, but when the website and any of its content is removed/changed by its owner or outside of its control, CHURCHgalleries will not be held liable, such as hacking, etc.  Every effort has been made to assure the website is secure.


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